Enabling Accessibility Funding Announcement


On March 6th, Borys Wrzesnewskyj, MP Etobicoke-Centre, paid a visit to our office to make an exciting announcement.

ESS is receiving funding from The Government of Canada to renovate our reception area to make it accessible and barrier-free.

The Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) will enable us to work with an accessibility design expert to make this space fully accessible to seniors and individuals with physical disabilities.

Our reception area is the first point of contact for people visiting our office. A barrier-free space will ensure visitors will be able to move around the space safely and independently and comfortably access program and service information.

“Seniors built our communities” stated Borys Wrzesnewskyj, MP Etobicoke-Centre; “institutions like ESS are so critically important because they make sure seniors and their contributions are not forgotten and that they are still a part of our community.  Accessibility for seniors is important. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers at ESS.  For decades you’ve contributed to making the Etobicoke-Centre more livable for seniors – the people who made our community.”

ESS Board Member Donna Cansfield reinforced the importance of this renovation project, not only to make the physical space of our reception area accessible, but to create a more welcoming and open experience.  “On a yearly basis 2,600 people come into ESS’ offices, and approximately 35% of all such visitors are living with a physical disability. When they enter reception area, how do they feel welcomed?”  Lowering the height of our reception desk will allow visitors with disabilities to see and have direct eye contact with the reception staff; barrier-free. 

Stay tuned for future updates to this project.


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