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In 2002, we developed our first Strategic Plan to provide a dynamic blueprint for the growth of ESS Support Services. The plan continues to be refined and shaped as a result of imagination and dedication of our Board of Directors, our clients, caregivers, our staff, volunteers, as well as feedback from our community partners and stakeholders.

We have defined the cornerstone values that describe how we do business, that define our vulnerabilities, constraints and limitations, and developed a list of strategies and priorities to move us from where we are to where we want to be.

Over the years we have grown to an agency that is able to provide a full basket of services that will provide seniors with the services that will optimize their independence in their home and community.

We have developed a system to lead and manage change in a well-defined and integrated manner. The priorities of the Strategic Plan become the priorities for our annual budgets, ensuring that we focus our resources in those areas that move us toward our vision of a holistic framework of care that promotes physical, spiritual, emotional and social well-being through programs and services that are sensitive and responsive to client needs and preferences including those based on ethnic, spiritual, linguistic, familial and cultural factors.

This document will enable us to maintain a high-performance customer-focused organization that will benefit all stakeholders – the clients, the caregivers, the volunteers, the employees, the board of directors, and all those with whom we do business. Our Strategic Plan provides a framework and priorities that are an intrinsic part in making our future happen.