As an ESS client, you, your family and your caregiver(s) have rights and responsibilities.

You have the right to:

Courteous and respectful careTo be treated in a manner that is free from mental, physical and financial abuse.
Respect for dignity and privacyTobe treated in a manner that respects your privacy, dignity and promotes your autonomy.
Recognition of client individualityTobe treated in a manner that recognizes your individuality, that is sensitive to and responds to your needs and preferences, including those based on ethnic, spiritual, linguistic, familial and cultural factors.
Right to informationAbout the services provided to you including the right to request access to your personal records.
Right to refuse serviceTogive or refuse consent to the provision of any community service.
Right to participate in assessment and service planningToparticipate in the assessment of your needs, the development of your service plan and in subsequent evaluations and revisions.
Right to express concerns and appeal decisionsThe right to raise concerns, recommend changes about your services, without the fear of interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal.
Right to be informed about ESS policies and proceduresThepolicies andprocedures affecting ESS operations and to receive written information on the procedures for initiating complaints about the service provider.
Right to confidentialityTo have your personal and service records kept confidential and private in accordance withcurrent legislation.

You have the responsibility to:

Be courteous and respectfulTo treat your staff support with courtesy and respect, free from discrimination and harassment.
Provide information requestedTo provide all information as required.
Follow your care or service planTo follow your care and service plan to the best of your ability.
Participate in your care planningTo be informed and involved in the planning of your care.
Provide consentTo determine and authorize service.
Inform us of changes in your health or situationTo inform us of any changes that could affect your care goals.
Provide a safe working environment for our staffProvide a safe working environment by: securing pets during visits when requested, ensuring all walkways to the home are well lit and clear of ice, snow and other hazards, not smoking during visits.

Approved by: Dolores Ellerker, CEO
Date Approved: January, 2003
Date Reviewed: January, 2018
Supersedes: January, 2014