ESS is committed to providing the highest quality of family-centered care and safety in our practices, and the design and delivery of our services.  We invite you to:

Every four years, we choose to undertake an accreditation process through Accreditation Canada as a way to build our culture of quality and safety.  We were first accredited in 2010 and most recently in October 2022.

We are proud to share that we met 100% of all accreditation standards and have been awarded Exemplary Standing.  This is the highest level of performance awarded by Accreditation Canada using globally recognized, evidence-based practices that result in the highest quality of care that clients, staff and stakeholders should expect.

Accreditation helps organizations strengthen their quality improvement efforts by identifying what they are doing well and where improvements are needed. Our Accreditation reports can be accessed here:

Accreditation Canada is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides national and international external reviews to assess the practices of health care organizations and assist them in improving the services they provide based on standards of excellence. Health care providers accredited by Accreditation Canada have met their national standards of quality and are committed to making sure clients receive the best care possible. These standards examine all aspects of health care from client safety and staff training, to infection control and partnering within the community.

We have an ongoing commitment to maintaining these standards which are upheld by, but not excluded to, our agency values, policies and procedures, internal health and safety audits and surveys, as well as internal committees such as the following:







ESS Support Services is a proud member of the Ontario Community Support Association.  The OCSA represents the voice of home and community care through their engagement in advocacy work.