Community Recognition Award Winners


We are happy to announce that 3 team members from ESS were selected as recipients of the annual Community Recognition Awards hosted by Yvan Baker, MPP Etobicoke-Centre. These awards are presented to individuals in our community who make a difference and impact the lives of those living in the Etobicoke-Centre. Individuals can include employees at an agency supporting the community, volunteers or any community member making an impact.

The awards ceremony took place at Yvan Baker’s annual Holidays Levee on Sunday, January 14th. We would like to acknowledge and congratulate 3 ESS team members who were presented with awards:


  • Dolores Ellerker, ESS CEO – Recipient of the “Outstanding service by professional staff, employers or employees” award.  Dolores has been the CEO at ESS for 33 years.  She has been an innovative and committed leader in the community support services sector since the early 1970s. She has advocated for and led the implementation of programs and services in the community that focus on key values: dignity, compassion, independence.  When Dolores first joined ESS (at the time it was called Humbervale Day Centre), the organization offered a single day program for seniors in central Etobicoke 3 days a week. It operated on a $45,000 budget with 3 part-time staff. With her experience in both the clinical and social aspects of community service, Dolores transformed this small day program into a vital multi-million dollar community agency – now called ESS Support Services – with the mission of supporting seniors in their desire to remain in their own homes and community. Each year, over 1,500 seniors access the services offered at ESS including transportation, day programs, in-home respite and health and wellness programs. In 1999, Dolores realized the first 24 / 7 award-winning “Caring Centre” with a second Transitional Care Centre now operational. In 2010, Dolores lead the agency to receive full accreditation from Accreditation Canada – an external review process that reconfirmed the high quality standards of care found within and throughout ESS Support Services. A true visionary, Dolores has placed ESS Support Services in the forefront with numerous prestigious awards and accolades for innovative programming, service and fundraising. Her hard work and determination has built and redesigned senior care – providing compassionate care and support for seniors (and their families) who wish to remain living within their own homes.
Yvan Baker, MPP Etobicoke Centre, presenting Dolores Ellerker with her award. Photo credit: The office of Yvan Baker MPP Etobicoke Centre.
  • Alice Mulligan, Administrative Volunteer – Recipient of the “Outstanding volunteer service to seniors/the community” award.  Alice has been a volunteer with ESS for 17 years.  As an important member of our organization, her volunteer activities are as varied as her skills.  They include: managing the front desk by answering the phone, assisting clients with understanding the administrative changes and simply acting like a friend to those who are most in need of one. She works our reception desk and helps ensure clients and caregivers receive the information and help they need. Alice is well respected and can be described as an individual always willing to help others, going above what is expected of her and a vibrant individual who is always smiling.
Alice Mulligan celebrating her award with members of our Administrative and Business Operations team.
  • Joseph Bonnette, Adult Day Services Program Volunteer – Recipient of the “Outstanding volunteer service to seniors/the community” award.  Joseph has been a volunteer with ESS for 13 years. He dedicates three days a week to support the staff and seniors attending our Day Program for frail and cognitively impaired adults and seniors.  A very compassionate, understanding and patient individual, Joseph treats everyone attending our program with dignity and respect and makes them feel comfortable.  He takes time to get to know and spend time with everyone attending the program.  Joseph helps staff by assisting individuals during group activities or by helping with one-on-one activities for those who could use the focused time.  He is very supportive, encouraging and always puts the person and their independence first.  He is very well liked by the people who attend our program.  They look forward to seeing him with a big smile on his face as he welcomes them into the program and miss him when he is not there.  From the words of his fellow volunteers who nominated him: 

Joseph always stays until the last client has been picked up by their caregiver. He makes everyone feel welcome and special. Joseph always sits with the clients during the “social hour” and has a special way of bringing out the clients, drawing them into conversations and encouraging them to engage in discussions about themselves or something that is of particular interest to them.  Joseph leads the group in fun and games activities, encouraging those clients who are reluctant to join in thus helping every one to participate.  He is quick to observe if anyone is having a little difficulty in following the instructions. He will make eye contact and role play the activity, so the client feels safe and secure enabling them to participate in the activity required. He makes them laugh and feel they are doing a really great job. Joseph is an absolute pleasure to be around when he is doing what he does best – building our small community. Joseph is tireless; a genuine caregiver; and he is a role model for volunteers working with our special clientele. 

Joseph with his Community Recognition Award.


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