Therapeutic Recreation Month

seniors participating in a recreational group activity

February is Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Month

Therapeutic Recreation (TR) uses meaningful participation in recreation and leisure as a method to help individuals achieve quality of life, optimal health, and to promote their independence.  It enables everyone, regardless of their skills and abilities, to have a healthy leisure lifestyle.

TR professionals help educate individuals on how to make any necessary adaptations to activities, to allow for full participation in leisure and make therapeutic recreation accessible to all abilities.

At ESS, we strive to provide opportunities in our programs for older adults to focus on improving their well-being in all the domains of wellness – physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual.  We encourage our program members to try different things, explore and find their passions!

Examples of ways that activities and programs can support your well-being:

  • Programs such as exercise and trivia can improve physical and cognitive abilities by boosting your mood, strengthening your mind and body.
  • Group activities with peers can increase self-esteem, build social connections and purpose through greater involvement in the community.
  • Activities like yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and enjoying time in nature (indoors or outdoors) can help lower stress and build a greater spiritual connection with yourself.

During Therapeutic Recreation Month we invite you to challenge yourself to make recreation a part of your day and try new things that nourish you such as:

  • Bundle up and go for a mindful walk
  • Try a creative activity like colouring to reduce stress and express your creativity
  • List 5 things you’re grateful for or that you love about yourself
  • Call someone you know to say hello and have a chat
  • Listen to your favourite piece of music

Ideas borrowed from Therapeutic Recreation Ontario’s February Challenge Calendar.

You’re welcome to tag us on social media participating in a recreational activity (Instagram, Facebook)!  Use the hashtag #TRMonth2023 to connect with others celebrating the benefits of therapeutic recreation.

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We celebrate and appreciate our Program Staff this month and always! Thank you for all that you do for our clients.

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