Vibrant Seniors: Meet Eileen


Every year the Minister of Seniors Affairs declares June as Seniors’ Month in recognition of the important role seniors play in our communities. This year, the focus of Seniors’ Month was “Living Your Best Life”; a theme that reflects how vibrant seniors are no matter what their age.

In celebration of Seniors’ Month ESS announced a campaign which encouraged our senior clients, volunteers and caregivers to tell us what “living your best life” meant to them. Each week throughout the month of July we will be sharing new stories that were submitted.  Each story showcases the diverse skills, interests and life experience that seniors bring.

Our first story comes from Eileen, a woman 88 years young, who attends our Seniors’ Lunch Program twice a week.

“Living Your Best Life” by Eileen:

‘’Neighbours of the Kingsway’’ Magazine featuring Eileen’s late-husband Lloyd’s classic movie star book collection. On the cover is Eileen, her daughter Karen and husband, Steve.



I enjoy knitting, watching Classic Movies and doing word-search puzzles.  Twenty years ago, I used to knit everyone in my family quite elaborate sweaters, vests etc., but now I just like to knit everyone scarves for winter.  I may stitch them altogether and make a blanket one day!  My daughter, Karen, has been dancing (tap/jazz) for 40 years so I get to attend all her year-end Dance Performances.   Also, Karen just took up the violin so I will be attending her Violin Concert end of June.  My son, Randy and his wife Michele, live in Vancouver, call weekly and visit twice a year.  Also, my granddaughter, Jen, comes ever Sunday to visit me from her home in Markham.  We enjoy our Sunday afternoons together.  My sister-in-law, Barb, and my best friend, Carrie, (from when we were 4 years old!) call every so often to take me for lunch or dinner.  Also, my daughter, Karen, takes me to her church Seniors’ Luncheon twice a month on Thursdays.  I’m grateful that I have all these people in my life to keep me busy!  I very much enjoy attending ESS’ Seniors’ Luncheon two times a week.  I look forward to having a social visit and a marvelous lunch with all my new friends!  Thank you!
















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