Positive Aging Summit: Wrap Up

Thank you everyone for attending this year’s Positive Aging Summit from May 26-27.

We had a great turnout we hope you enjoyed the summit and learned something new.  If you missed out on any of the presentations, we have included the presentation slides for the following presenters:

Diana Gonzales – MSW, RSW, Psychotherapist

Presentation: Concepts of Aging and ways we can make our aging lives better through understanding the stress cycle, introducing healthy behaviours such as setting boundaries, being open to new things by adopting a growth mindset, and healthy practices like movement and sleep. Presentation slides.

Janice O Reilly – Education & Volunteer Lead, The Dorothy Ley Hospice

Presentation:  Advanced Care Planning and what to discussion, hierarchy of substitute decision makers, and services offered at The Dorothy Ley Hospice. Presentation slides.

Rebekah Churchyard – Founder of Green Care Farms Inc.

Presentation:  Founder of the first and only Dementia Care Farm in Canada.  Green care farms combine agricultural activities with care services for a diverse range of client groups from the healthcare nd welfare sectors, such as people with psychiatric conditions, addiction, mental disabilities, children with autism, and older people with dementia. Presentation slides.

Diane Dyson – Interim Vice President, Research & Advocacy at the Daily Break Food Bank

Presentation:  Senior friendly neighbourhoods and social policy work supporting Aging communities.  No presentation slides are available for this speaker, please see presentation notes below:
● The hardest part of aging is coming to the realization that you may be reliant on other people.
● 15.6% define as seniors in Toronto (65 and above), which adds up to 426,945 people from a multitude of different backgrounds and ethnicities.
● 1 in 10 seniors who are born in Canada are facing poverty.
● Understand the importance and how to be confident when facing different challenges such as; the housing market/homes, neighbours/neighbourhood, asking for help.
● Continuing to uphold the principles of: equity, respect, inclusion, and quality of life, while committing to ensuring all seniors have equitable access to City services and programs.
● Encouraging people to challenge themselves, smile and make a new friend each day.

Summary of activities:

  • Accessible chair class by Margot Stokreef.
  • Seated exercises by Cynthia Irwin, ESS Senior Fitness Instructor.
  • Exercises & breathwork for stress management by Kristina Marchiori, Occupational Therapist for people with developmental disabilities.

We would also love to hear from you!

If you wish to see anyone for next year’s summit or have a topic that you would like to learn more about, please email Jamie at jlai@esssupportservices.ca.

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