Our Team at ESS is Growing

ESS is very pleased to announce we have hired RPN, Kimberly Thompson, as full-time staff Health and Safety Team Lead.  Kimberly first joined us in March to review, update, communicate and implement our agency safety and Emergency Preparedness plans during COVID-19 to ensure they met directives from Public Health.  She has also been our agency lead in safety and quality assurance training.

Kimberly is a nurse by training and very experienced in the community care sector.  She has been instrumental to all our teams in ensuring proper and enhanced protocols and guidelines are being met for staff and client safety.  Her practical and first-hand knowledge has supported staff teams through refresher training on PPE protocols, and has been helpful in providing advice and counsel on procedures for screening and various Infection Prevention and Control measures.  Her input on important Health and Safety processes during the pandemic has been key in helping our staff feel protected and knowledgeable.

We are delighted for her to join us in a full-time capacity to continue leading the planning, designing, implementing and reviewing of agency policies and procedures relevant to staff and volunteer health and safety.  In addition to this, her role will also include assuring quality client care and performance standards are met, reviewing and developing comprehensive staff training and orientation in relation to quality care, working with community partners regarding health and safety and related public health directives and co-chairing our Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Please join us in welcoming Kimberly as a full-time ESS team member.

Kimberly in action, providing ESS staff with PPE refresher training.








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