National Caregivers Day

The first Tuesday of April is National Caregivers Day in Canada. On this day, we honour and celebrate people in Canada who provide personal care and physical and/or emotional support to those in need. Caregivers make a difference in the lives of many people across the country. The support they provide contributes to a better quality of life for those they are caring for.  

In the 2024 campaign, the deep concept of giving and obtaining intrinsic to the care journey is addressed in ‘Valuing Caring.’ Furthermore, caregivers, not only for their time and effort but also because of their knowledge and dedication, are making a contribution to our society’s carers. 

Moreover, based on data from the 2018 General Social Survey into Caregiving in Canada (StatsCanPlus), one in four Canadians over the age of 15 provides some form of care to people with long-term health conditions, disabilities, or problems related to aging.  

👉We provide caregiver support through our various programs, such as particularly overnight respite, day program, and caregiver support groups. Learn more on our website:  

Our Programs to Support Caregivers


Caregivers Day Caregiver Support GroupCaregivers Day Adult Day Program

Caregivers Day Overnight Respite


More Resources

24/7 Ontario Caregiver Helpline at 1 833 416 2273 (CARE) to find resources in their area. 

Visit to learn more about available caregiver resources. 

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