Happy PSW Day!

Every year, in the month of May, the calendars remind us that May 19th is Personal Support Worker Day! PSWs continue to provide essential services during the pandemic and give themselves selflessly to help take care of others.

To all of our Personal Support Workers,

It takes compassion, patience and a lot of heart to do what you do. You have dedicated your lives to helping others, and nothing is more admirable.

You are the backbone of our health care system; delivering vital services and valuable support to vulnerable seniors and their caregivers – and you do it with a big smile and a kind heart!

Your work has allowed a countless number of older adults to live independently and with dignity. You are all quiet heroes who, so graciously give your time and energy to positively influence the well-being of others. Your teamwork, excellent work ethic, caring approach and effective communication has made ESS what it is – a community organization known for its high quality care.

We are proud of all of you and humbled to be your colleagues.

Words cannot express our gratitude for your hard work and generosity of spirit. We wish you a happy and wonderful PSW day!


All of us at ESS

Picture collage of ESS Support Services PSWs in recognition of PSW Day 2020

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