Happy 100th Birthday Evelyn!


On September 8th, 2021, Evelyn Chipperfield officially joined the centenarian club.

We had an opportunity to spend some time with Evelyn and her family during a drop-in birthday celebration to reflect on her life.

Evelyn Chipperfield is a proud, life-long Torontonian, having lived in the Junction area, City of York and now in Etobicoke.

As a child, she delivered the Toronto Star paper. During her adult years, Evelyn was and has been very social and active in her community, and with family and friends.  She was an initiator and organizer and involved herself in different forms of volunteer work, including visiting those in need, and many organizations that gave back to the community.

Some of her volunteer work was recognized by the Province of Ontario through a 40-year volunteer award acknowledging her contributions with the Needle Work Guild of Canada (Toronto chapter), an organization which hand makes knitted clothes and other goods to donate to those in need.  Evelyn also followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming a member of the Monarchist League of Canada.  She was honoured with a life membership by the Toronto chapter.

Family and friends are very important to Evelyn, and social get-togethers have been a regular part of her life.  She now has an extended family of over 30 people including 10 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

A lover of the CNE, Evelyn never missed it and went every year.  This year also marks the 100th birthday of the Warrior’s Day Parade, which is the longest running veterans’ parade and has been a part of the CNE since 1921.

Evelyn credits her active social life, volunteering and community involvement, eating an orange or grapefruit a day, working on crossword puzzles daily and walking everywhere in helping her reach 100 years of age.  In her words, she loves people, is blessed with a wonderful and happy life with many friends and family.

Evelyn and her family thank the staff and residents of Humbervale Place for their support and friendship (especially her special niece) and all of the PSWs and staff at ESS Support Services.  It takes a village to help one reach this milestone.

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