ESS Board Member Receives Ontario Senior Achievement Award

Pictured: Donna Cansfield standing between two people accepting and Ontario Senior Achievement Award

Congratulations to long-time ESS Board Member Donna Cansfield for her recent recognition under the Ontario Senior Achievement Award program.  This award recognizes individuals for significant contributions to their communities after the age of 65.

Donna has been involved with charity work her entire life, but has been especially involved in her community by devoting herself to volunteering after retiring from politics in 2014.  She serves and has served on seven not-for-profit boards, including Chairing the Board of Brands of Canada, Dorothy Ley Hospice, Ontario Lung Association, and Etobicoke Rotary. Donna has a strong history of advocating for seniors and knowledge of issues that seniors face in our community.

One of the greatest strengths a Board member can bring to an agency is their skills, expertise, and commitment to open doors that otherwise would not have been available to a non-profit. Donna has helped us recruit volunteers, including new Board Members with complementary skill-sets, and helping navigate us through our most recent Accreditation process.  She has been instrumental in strengthening our agency Governance Policy Manual which helps guide our Board in overseeing our operations, and ensuring we’re focused on our mandate of helping seniors live independently in their homes.

Congratulations Donna on this well-deserved award!

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