Client Bill of Rights

ESS Support Services is a not-for-profit community support services agency dedicated to providing programs and services for seniors and adults living with disabilities so they may remain in their own homes and community. ESS ensures that the following rights of clients receiving services are fully supported and promoted:

Client Bill of Rights
Courteous and Respectful Care You have the right to be treated in a manner that is free from mental, physical and financial abuse
Respect for Dignity and Privacy You have the right to be treated in a manner that respects your privacy, dignity and promotes your autonomy
Recognition of Client Individuality You have the right to be treated in a manner that recognizes your individuality, that is sensitive to and responds to your needs and preferences, including preferences based on ethnic, spiritual, linguistic, familial and cultural factors
Right to Information You have the right to information about the services provided to you including the right to request access to your personal records
Right to Refuse Service You have the right to give or refuse consent to the provision of any community service
Right to Participate in Assessment and Service Planning You have the right to participate in the assessment of your needs, the development of your service plan and in subsequent evaluations and revisions
Right to Express Concerns and Appeal Decisions You have the right to raise concerns, recommend changes about your services, without the fear of interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal
Right to be Informed about ESS Policies & Procedures You have the right to be informed about the policies & procedures affecting ESS operations and to receive written information on the procedures for initiating complaints about the service provider. This information will be provided to you in an accessible format and/or with communication supports, upon request.
Right to Confidentiality You have the right to have your personal and service records kept confidential and private in accordance with current legislation
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