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Being physically active is an essential part of living healthy.

According to the World Health Organization,

The greatest health risk for older adults is living an inactive life.

Regular physical activity not only enhances general well being, but improves physical and psychological health, delays onset of frailty and helps preserve independent living.

ESS offers several free exercise classes for seniors throughout the community. Classes are provided at different levels to suite your fitness needs and abilities and are led by certified senior fitness instructors or Kinesiologists who understand the importance of staying active and preventing injury and falls.

Our exercise programs are developed to encourage older adults and seniors aged 55+ to become more active, participate in a social network, reduce the risk of injuries and falls, as well as enhance self-esteem and independence. All classes include a light cardio component and are designed to increase balance, strength and flexibility.

Classes are FREE and available on year-round weekdays and weekends.  See our Exercise Class Schedule.

* Please note these are not drop-in classes and preregistration is required *

In addition we also offer FREE 10 week exercise sessions during the Spring, Fall and Winter seasons. Please check our wellness program calendar for upcoming sessions or call our office to inquire.

Keep up to date with upcoming Health and Wellness programs, classes and workshops through our our wellness program calendar or call 416-243-0127.

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