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The “Regional Continence Program for Seniors” is run through Trillium Health Partners. The clinic, run by a nurse continence advisor, specializes in conservative treatment of urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence and constipation and is open to those 65 years and older. Trillium Health Partners runs operates one of its several Continence Clinics at one our program sites located at its 525 Horner Avenue (Horner/Browns Line).

Seniors who experience issues such as urinary frequency and/or urgency, leakage of urine/feces, constipation, getting up often at night or those needing to learn to use a catheter are encouraged to make their own appointment at the clinic by calling 416-521-4090. There is no cost to be seen at any one of the clinics.

For more information contact:
Laura Robbs (Trillium Health Partners) at
or by calling 905-848-7580 ext 3267.

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